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The Machine Warehouse Listing:  1994 Giben Prismatic 301-SPT
TMW Machine: #264

Manufacturer: Giben

Model: Prismatic 301-SPT

YMFG: 1994

Voltage: 460V 60Hz 3Ph

Condition: Good Condition

Price: $ 38,500

Location: Midwest
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-Maximum cutting length: 4500mm (14.8 ft)
-Working table height: 1050mm (41.3")
-Maximum saw blade projection: 132mm (5.2")
-Maximum grippers opening: 115mm (4.5")
-Main saw motor: 30HP
-Main saw blade diameter: 470mm
-Main saw hub diameter: 75mm
-Scoring saw motor: 3.5HP
-Scoring blade diameter: 215mm
-Scoring hub diameter: 50mm
-Saw carriage feed speed from 5 to 100 m/min (16 to 328 ft/min)
-Saw carriage return speed: 100 m/min (328 ft/min)
-In-feed lift table motor: 5HP
-Lifting / lowering speed: .07 m/min (2.3 ft/min)
-Maximum bunk height (without pit): 720mm (28.3")
-Pusher controlled by DC brushless servomotor
-Pusher feed speed from 1 to 40 m/min (3.2 to 131 ft/min)
-Pusher return speed: 60 m/min (197 ft/min)
-Two (2) air flotation tables 2000 x 510mm (78.7 x 20")
-Three (3) air flotation tables 1300 x 510mm (51.2 x 20")
-One (1) air flotation sliding shelf
-Nine (9) grippers, raising on return
-Automatic saw blade height adjustment
-PF scoring unit for post forming
-Automatic side alignment
-remote scoring adjustment
-Thin material loading for loading boards as thin as 3.2mm (1/8")
-G-Drive microprocessor for flexible operation
-4500mm X 1600mm lift table with motorized in-feed/out-feed
-3rd party powered side conveyors both sides of the lift table
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