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About TMW:
The Machine Warehouse (TMW) started in 2009 by Johann Huck. After spending 15+ years in the woodworking industry working for manufacturers, OEM's, and other woodworking related companies.

The Machine Warehouse was started helping customers with consulting and equipment repairs. This is still at the core of our business, but we have expanded offering used equipment for sale to our customers. With our actual production knowledge and equipment technical knowledge, we can help assist you in the right equipment choice for your needs. We don't just sell a machine and move on, we are in the sale for the long haul.

The Machine Warehouse sells equipment worldwide and is able to locate equipment around the world that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a simple spindle sander to a fully automated production line, The Machine Warehouse can find the woodworking machine for you!

We offer free advice on equipment and production related questions. We are also available as a consultant for your business and able to handle most equipment related technical issues you may have. The Machine Warehouse is able to perform equipment upgrades and modifications on your existing woodworking equipment.
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