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The Machine Warehouse Listing:  2007 Tecnoma KT2
TMW Machine: #625

Manufacturer: Tecnoma

Model: KT2

YMFG: 2007

Voltage: 230V 60Hz 3Ph

Condition: Very Good Condition

Price: $ 8,400

Location: Northeast
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Alloy aluminium pot for hot melt glue with independent and adjustable coping movement
Glue pot coated internally with anti-sticking material.
Speed rotation of the glue roller synchronized with the feed-chain speed
The spreading of the glue on to the panel is gauged by adjusting the glue distribution regulator.
Any unused glue is automatically recuperated.
Electronic digital thermo-regulator to set the correct working temperature of the glue.
glue pre-heating system when the machine is not being used, to maintain the glue temperature close
to the working temperature, without burning it and saving time when re-starting the machine.
the  electronic thermo-regulator enables the temperature of the glue to be automatically lowered in
the event of temporary interruption of production.
Automatic feeding of the edge in rolls/coils up to 2 mm thickness.
Manual feeding of the edge in strips up to 2 mm thickness
Shearing device for edge in rolls/coils up to 2 mm thickness with quick “off-work “ system. EDGE PRESSURE UNIT with 2 pressure rollers
Adjustable, changing the edge thickness, with a mechanical digital indicator.
Both rollers are equipped with spring pressure END TRIMMING UNIT
Pneumatic, with knife, to cut, at 90°, the excess edge in front and behind the panel.
The cutting group moves on hardened and ground steel guides.
Cut from the side of the panel, to prevent that the edge cuts do not disturb the working parts of the unit. TOP AND BOTTOM EDGE TRIMMING UNIT
2 high frequency motors to trim the upper and lower edge in excess.
The operating unit automatically positions itself when changing the thickness of the panel
Unit slides vertically and horizontally on hardened and ground steel guides with
Recirculating ball-bearing bushes to guarantee the maximum working precision.
Vertical and horizontal thick chrome coated copying shoes on each cutting unit.
Adjustable copying sensibility on vertical and horizontal floating movements.
Adjustable cutting position by mechanical digital indicator.
Quick release (electrical and mechanical) of the motors to facilitate work change.
Included, one pair of radius cutters R= 2 mm with replaceable TCT knives
E. C. safety regulations.
Static high frequency converter .
Protection cover – centralized dust extraction
Adjustable rollers support for large panels, to the complete length of the machine
Protection/copying plate in front of glue roller
Control switches on the panel in-feed position, easy to use for the operator
One pair of radius cutters R= 2 mm with replaceable TCT knives
TECHNICAL DATA Edge thickness in rolls ...... 0,4 – 2 mm
Edge thickness in pre-cut strips .... 1 – 2 mm
Working height ...... 10 - 45 mm
Minimum working width …… 65 mm
Minimum working length .… 180 mm
Panel feed speed ......5 mt/min
Static high frequency converter .....200 Hz
Centralized dust extraction hood diameter ....…2 x 80 mm
Extraction quantity required ...... 450 mc/h
Pneumatic system pressure .........7 bar 2mm thick edges for a panel thickness max. 25mm. With thicker panels max. edge thickness 1,5mm GLUE POT
Pneumatic, with cutting knife TOP AND BOTTOM EDGE TRIMMING UNIT
Power of each of the 2 motors ( 200 Hz ) 0,35 Kw
Cutters rotation speed  12.000 RPM
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