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The Machine Warehouse Listing:  2002 Morbidelli Author 500
TMW Machine: #232

Manufacturer: Morbidelli

Model: Author 500

YMFG: 2002

Voltage: 220V 60Hz 3Ph

Condition: Good Condition

Price: CDN $ 49,995

Location: Western Canada
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Working cap: X-Axis= 139-3/8" (3,540 mm), Y-axis= 48-3/8" (1,230 mm) for routing and 39.6" (1,008 mm) for boring, Z-axis 3.1" (80 mm); positioning speed on X-axis is 213 FPM, Y-axis 131 FPM and Z-axis is 65 FPM.

Equipped with: (24) Independent vertical boring spindles forming a T-configuration with (9) spindles on the X-axis and (9) spindles on the Y-axis. A total of (6) horizontal spindles for boring on all four edges of the panel, (4) on the X-axis (2 in each direction) and (2) are paralleled with the Y-axis (1 in each direction).

Work area: (6) Adjustable panel supports each with (3) vacuum cups; worktable setup for (2) independant working areas.

9HP Vertically mounted routers, inverter driven (FUJI) at 12,000-18,000 RPM, 10-position Static Automatic Tool Changer, both routers are ATC ready for, ISO-30 cones with collets.

(1) 3 HP-7,200 RPM Grooving saw with 120mm dia. blade cap. and with 90° rotation for grooving in both X & Y-axis directions.
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