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The Machine Warehouse Listing:  2005 Brandt KDN 340
TMW Machine: #125

Manufacturer: Brandt

Model: KDN 340

YMFG: 2005

Voltage: 220V 60Hz 3Ph

Condition: Good Condition

Price: $ 19,500

Location: Northeast
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Feed speed of 30 FPM. - Equipped with: Operator control panel at eye-level, automatic height adjustment with top pressure beam for all workstations; electronic line control (no limit switches), digital height indicator on holddown beam, electronic motor brakes on trimmers.
0.4 - 3 mm (1/8") Edge thickness cap., 8 - 45 mm panel thickness, 60 mm min. panel width and 140 mm min. length.
Equipped with: Infeed heating shoe to pre-heat panel edge; Hot Melt granulate glue system with fast start-up (10 - 12 Min heat-up) with reversible rotation glue applicator roller and automatic reduction glue temperature adjustment (when idle drops to 150°it takes 2-1/2 Min to re-activate).
3 mm PVC Pneumatic guillotine for coil cutoff, automatic feed magazine, coil stock feeds automatically with guillotine cutoff, all strip stock are fed automatically through strip feed magazine.
2-Roller pressure section (1st driven, 2nd idle) w/electronically controlled & feed speed synchronized drive roll.
Workstations: Vertical travel double motor front & rear end trim with 0° - 15° horz. bevel cap. (0.25 HP - 12,000 RPM motors); top & bottom flush/bevel trimmers (0.35 HP - 12,000 RPM motors), bevel 0° to 15°.
Top & bottom PVC scraping unit for up to 3 mm radius; Last Station: Top & bottom buffing unit (0.15 HP - 2,750 RPM motors).
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